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Commonly Requested Equipment

Automated External Defibrillator – $1,500
Ensures first responders, schools and recreational facilities are prepared to provide lifesaving assistance on scene if a citizen goes into cardiac arrest.


Bunker Gear – $2,000
Firefighter’s protective uniform includes coat, pants, boots and helmet. This uniform protects the firefighter from the extreme conditions during fire suppression and rescue.


Thermal Imaging Camera – $10,000
The camera allows first responders to see through the smoke and locate victims in need of rescue and the source of the fire.


Vehicle Extrication Tools – $25,000
Lightweight cutting and spreading tools to allow quick extrication of victims in motor vehicle accidents or after a structural collapse.


Automated Chest Compression System – $15,000
Ensures that the quality of manual CPR is maintained while providers administer other advanced drugs and treatments. The system allows CPR to be performed safely during transportation of the patient to a hospital.


Stabilization Struts – $10,000
Used to stabilize overturned vehicles for fast and safe rescue by first responders.


Rapid Response Bicycle – $1,200
The bicycle includes EMS bags that can be strapped to the rack, lights for low light use, and helmet and gloves for the riders, providing quick access during community policing.


Bulletproof Vest – $600
These vests serve as critical protective gear, helping to protect law enforcement and firefighters during life-threatening situations.


All-Terrain Vehicle – $20,000
This maneuverable vehicle will allow for rapid response to off road incidents and natural disasters as well as easier access at large events. The skid unit adds additional rescue equipment allowing for patient transport.


Gas Detectors – $5,000 per detector
Gas meters assist firefighters to quickly identify gas leaks, such as carbon monoxide, removing victims from dangerous situations and allowing for immediate medical attention.


Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) – $5,000
A device worn by firefighters and rescue workers to provide breathable air in fires and other dangerous conditions. It is one of the most frequently used tools in the fire service. A SCBA allows firefighters to enter and work in hazardous environments to rescue victims and mitigate hazards.


Bunker Coat – $1,000 – $1,300
Firefighter personal protective equipment used to protect firefighters from heat and hazardous situations.


Bunker Pants – $800 – $1,000
Firefighter personal protective equipment that provides firefighters the necessary protection to provide safe and efficient fire services.


Helmet – $250 – $300
Helmets protect a firefighter from falling debris and injury to the head, eyes and face, as well as protect firefighters from heat.


Flashlight – $30 – $100
Flashlights are used by firefighters to see and be seen. Firefighter flashlights must be able to withstand impact and cut through smoke as well as withstand the harsh conditions of the fire scene.


Police Bicycle – $600 – $1,000
Police bicycles allow officers to provide rapid emergency response in areas that are not easily accessible by most police vehicles.

First responder grants accepted on a quarterly basis.